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  • Annual General Meeting 2013

    Annual General Meeting 2013

    JOY Melbourne Inc. annual general meeting was held Sunday, October 27 2013 2pm at 225 Bourke Street Melbourne. Joining the existing directors Geoffrey DEVINE, Jed GILBERT, and Laurie CATO-SMITH are six newly-elected directors: Sammy CAMERON, Cassie CHADWICK, Shannon GILLIES, Trish KERIN, Melinda RICH and Christian VEGA. Thank you to the retiring board members: David McCARTHY / Kyle MINALL / Luke MOON / Anthony VITALE.

  • Annual General Meeting 2012

    Annual General Meeting 2012

    The AGM of JOY Melbourne Inc. was held Monday, October 1st 2012 at 7pm at 225 Bourke Street Melbourne. Of the five candidates nominated for the board to join existing directors Greg ADKINS, Jed GILBERT, Kyle MINALL, Anthony VITALI; all five were elected as follows: Laurie CATO-SMITH for 3 years, Geoffrey DEVINE for 3 years, Colin KRYCER for 1 year, David McCARTHY for 3 years, Luke MOON for 1 year. Thank you to the retiring board members Trish KERIN / Breed LEWIS / Alastair McKENZIE.