At Manic Monday Drive, it's all about flipping your Monday afternoon driving home in peak hour traffic (just awful!) into peak hour entertainment - with hilarious interviews, music to get you rocking to the beat ALL the way home, and a general sense of manic mayhem and madness to help you forget that it's Monday!

Our regular guests include:
- The beautiful Ivanka, our culinary expert. Her cooking and kitchen tips amaze us every week! - The absolute darling Dolly Diamond with What's Hot and What's Not! This highly regarded woman just doesn't miss a trick!
- Our dear friend Noeline Buxworth from the Deer Park Women's Penetentiary, full of reports about what it's like to live life on the inside. Her stoic tales will both entertain you, and move you.

The lovely Joe, our Queer Healing expert, joins us every fortnight.

We're occasionally joined by amazing guests like Suzi Quatro, Julian Clary, Leo Sayer, Anthony Callea, Fred Schepisi and more. But, we reckon we're pretty entertaining just by ourselves! ;)"

Chat, prizes and interviews as well as Traffic, JOY News, Sport and weather and the JOY Special Music mix

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