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    JOY's diverse range of presenters bring you the journey's of our community elders, so that their experiences and life lessons can be shared not only with our diverse GLBTI communities, but the community at large.

    Preserving the stories and experiences of our community elders is crucial.  The diverse GLBTI communities have faced significant civil rights struggles over the past 60 years, leading to the present day.  Our achievements, and our trials, need to be recorded to share with not just current generations, but generations into the future.  Our aim is to create awareness through not only the GLBTI communities, but through all communities of Victoria, of the messages and lessons that our elders have to share from the extraordinary life experiences.

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    JOY 94.9 gratefully acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and the Public Records Office Victoria for making this project possible

Recent Posts

  • Gary Singer

    Gary Singer and his partner Geoffrey Smith are generous supporters of the arts and community radio station JOY 94.9.

    Gary talks candidly about what it was like to be a patron during the Tasty Nightclub raid in 1994 and how subsequently he led a successful legal case against Victoria Police as patrons were awarded over 10 million dollars in damages. Highlighting the important role that JOY played during that time.

    Gary also shares stories about his various careers including being Deputy Lord mayor of Melbourne and his current role as CEO of a fine art auction house.

  • Jean Taylor

    Jean Taylor is a radical lesbian feminist activist and is a prolific author. Jean has also worked as a women’s refuge worker, a tram driver, a circus performer (where at aged 47 Jean learnt to walk on stilts) a director and is now a lesbian grandmother!

    Jean talks about her life’s journey including being a young Mother during the 60s and how she became a prolific author.

  • Anita Gibbons

    Anita Gibbons met her partner and soul mate Maureen in 1970 and they were together for 37 years until sadly Maureen passed away in 2007.

    For the last 18 years, Anita has played a significant role at JOY and has hosted  Women on Waves showcasing independent women’s music focusing on Lesbian artists where she has garnered a loyal following.

    Joining Anita, is musician, Michelle Parsons, who talks about Anita’s contribution to women’s music.

    In 2009 Anita was awarded life membership of JOY.

  • Snr Constable Gabby Tyacke

    Senior Constable Gabby Tyacke joined the NSW Police Service in 1998 and three years later relocated to Victoria both for her career and also to follow her heart. Four years after joining Victoria Police, Gabby became a Gay and Lesbian Liaison officer, commonly called a GLLO. Gabby’s driving passion is to help people, to make a difference and to be a voice of the GLBTI community.

    Gabby talks about her brush with fame, find out how Gabby meets Madonna! Also Gabby talks candidly about her struggle to leave a violent relationship and how she found her life partner and soul mate.

  • Dan Vo

    Dan Vo is the son of Vietnamese immigrants and ‘discovered’ he was gay listening to JOY aged 16. In his early 20s he joined JOY as a volunteer and subsequently become an employee and worked with JOY for 5 years. Dan now lives and works in London. Dan talks about life growing up gay in a Vietnamese family and his involvement with the gay and lesbian community in Melbourne.

  • Dr Catherine Barrett

    Dr Catherine Barrett is the Community Liaison Officer and Research Fellow at The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University. In 2008, with the assistance of Matrix Guild Victoria and Vintage Men, Catherine authored “My people”, which explored the experiences of GLBTI seniors in aged care services. The Director of Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, Associate Professor Anne Mitchell, commended the report, calling it pioneering research.

    Currently Catherine has a number of research projects on the go such as The Primary prevention of sexual assault in older women and Sexuality after a stroke and is talking with Caroline and Jess.

  • Reverend Joy Etwell

    Reverend Joy Etwell grew up in Wellington N.Z. and at age 21, Joy relocated to Melbourne. Joy talks about being the pastor at the Metropolitan Community Church and working as the Clinical Officer and Chaplain’s co-ordinator at the Victorian State Emergency Services.

    In 2009, JOY received a Commendation for Service for her work in the Marysville district, following the Black Saturday Bushfires.

    Listen to how Joy and her partner, Reverend Dr Gwen Ince, open their own home to help people who have found themselves with nowhere to live.

  • Carol Wilkinson

    Carol grew up as an only child in North Lancashire in the 50s and 60s, studied audiology at London University, became engaged and travelled to Australia as a ten pound Pom. Carol talks about her time at JOY, Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (GALFA), Gay and Lesbian Switchboard amongst others. In 2001 Carol was awarded the Centenary of Federation Medal for services to the Gay and Lesbian community.

  • Gordon Wilson

    Gordon Wilson was born in the Mid 30s and knew he was gay at 14. Gordon talks about life as a volunteer with the VAC, the AIDS Memorial Quilt Project, Vintage Men and at JOY 94.9. Gordon talks about his family, life in Melbourne during the 50s and 60s and his involvement in the GLBTI community and how he has always been comfortable with being gay.


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