• Salt and Pepper

    Serena, the salty one and Pete,the peppery one, are a couple of grumpy old journo types who bring you an overview of the week in media

    From Royal Wedding wank to the simplest of idiots making stupid errors, we will look at media treatments of gay events around the world, and the headlines that you didn't read right here in our own back yard

    No one is immune - not event our own joystars

    Join them to hunt through headlines, and wade through mediocrity, and just have a rollicking time

    Guest spots over the series will include an etiquette guide from the modern gay and lesbian kids, brought to you by the fabulous Noni Hazlehurst, along with a bevy of special guests, most of them insomniacs

    Salt and Pepper is a show like no other and that's more than likely a good thing

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  • Final ever broadcast of SALT and PEPPER

    That’s right folks. This is the last ever podcast produced by the team that not only love Salt and Pepper but occasionally may hide things in their podcasts… to see if Serena checks my work. Maybe she does.

    Tonight Serena is joined by the Australian entertainment icon Noni Hazlehurst. The two interview retired auxiliary bishop of Sydney Geoffrey Robinson about his fight to stop sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He wants the Pope to say no sexual predators and support victims. Mr Robinson said the Catholic church was full of believers sick and tired of their church being torn down by criminals.

    Serena and Noni continue onto fighting the misogyny women battle throughout Australia and the World on a day-to-day basis. Joy Radio is also questioned on its lack of women in comparison to its male membership. Where are all the women at?

    Noni sings. It’s pretty awesome, some would say ‘gold’. ┬áThere are notes hit this podcaster didn’t even know existed.

  • Julia Gillard’s husband is a gay?

    Is he? because I mean he is a hairdresser.

    Tonight the guys assess the mainstream media coverage of Julia Gillard’s leadership and how the media are focused more on how she looks than her policies. The gang also delves into gay storytelling.

  • Tony Abbott – fearful of gays and boat people? Coincidence?

    The gang at Salt and Pepper provide balance to the debate surrounding Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s position in the ALP and interview Liberal card carrying Tim Wilson for his view.

    Dr Simon Crouch talks about his research into same-sex parenting and Gay Dad’s Australia co-moderator Rodney Chiang Cruise chimes in with some valuable insight.


  • Labor can’t get votes by allowing gay marriage?

    Serena Ryan is joined by Noni Hazlehurst tonight and the two look into the story developing around Shop Distributive & Allied Employees’ Association shop worker Duncan Hart. Mr Hart is fighting the SDA’s anti marriage equality stance installed by union leader Joe De Bruyn.

    Mr De Bruyn is quoted by The Australian as saying, “There are no votes for Labor in the marginal electorates in the big metropolitan areas on the gay marriage issue,” he said. “We all know that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

    The media team also chat with Glambassador Tyson Young and discuss the Young Queer Leaders Summit in Sydney.

    To finish the night off Hazlehurst delivers the best sounding impression of a kookaburra ever.



  • UN recommendations and gays finding their way into mainstream media

    This week the crew look at the exposure members of the LGBT community are now getting in commercial media and talk to the deputy commissioner of the recent Youth UN Summit held in Melbourne.




  • Idaho – not just some place in the U.S.

    The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) is recognised in over 60 countries around the world on 17 May, the 1990 date when the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. The show celebrates the significance of the day to the LGBT community.

    Salt talks to her guests about Idaho and issues relating to homophobia and transphobia. Tonight’s discussion touches on a young girl in Queensland who identifies as transgender.

  • Ding dong the witch is dead: Margaret Thatcher dies

    An end of an era. The woman who pushed tough policies that would see the entire Western Empire impacted has died.

    Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has died and Salt and Pepper enter the polarising debate between those who choose to celebrate her work and those who wish it had never happened. UK comedian Paul Foot joins in the discussion over the woman who supported the Khmer Rouge and fought against the reunification of Germany.


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