• The Cubby House

    Two cub identifying guys exploring what it means to be a cub in their local and global bear community.

    The Cubby House brings you your weekly dose of sharp witted comedy and interviews from the playground in Melbourne Australia. This show and podcast is sexually adventurous, kink positive and listener discretion is advised.

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  • 120 – The Long Kiss Goodnight

    The End is Nigh!  The cubs have come to the end of the party before eternal hibearnation from the live broadcasting.

    So to celebrate we invited the all-stars of the show back for one last go.  We’d like to thank Jade Leonard, Nick Helmer, Dr. George Forgan-Smith, Nick Laws, Raymond Lee and Adrian for their years of contribution.

    And we’d also like to thank you for your ever long support of the show, so until we met again in podcast land., thank you and good night.

    Broadcast live on 24th June 2013

  • 119 – Post Hibearnation 2013

    After another long week of fun and frivolity, Cookie and Kevin stagger into the studio with Mr Brisbears President Colin Micale in tow.

    Nick does ‘Dallas’ in kink corner, Colin covers of the upcoming Northern Exposure bear run. Plus we get Vicbears President, Peter Undy on the line to discuss the competition judging for Mr Australiasia bear contest.

    Broadcast live on 17th June 2013

  • 118 – Game Soundtracks and Video Delights

    With the Cubby House slowly wrapping up, one of the things we always wanted to do was play music from video games.  Although we couldn’t add the actual music in the podcast for broadcast reasons, we did include the discussion so you have an idea of what was played.

    We also touch base with Scott Membry and his associates about producing their film “Prospect” that they’re in the makings of an need your help.

    Plus seeing as it Southern Hibearnation week, we go live to the action with Jason for all the details.

    Broadcast live on 10th June 2013

  • 117 – Radio-Palooza

    It’s RADIOTHON 2013 here at JOY, and what else but invite more than a handful of people on!

    We have our fellow kinkster, Nick Helmer in to discuss the importance of boots; Dr. George to explain the Bearhart Bear Health Sub-committee and it’s ventures this Hibearnation.

    Nick Laws to recap Southern Hibearnation events; Campbell to remind us of what Tuckerbag is and why it’s so important to our community. And finally Christian from The Vixen Hour to divulge what JOY means to him and why it’s also so important to our community.

    You can join up to be a member of JOY at any time, just call 1300 JOY 949 for more info.

    Broadcast live on 3rd June 2013

  • 116 – Lynx and Fables

    With the season coming to a close, we thought we’d run some more of our own music for this episode, EURO MUSIC!

    Alas, as we couldn’t add the music, we’ll leave you with the discussions of the evening.

    Joined by photographer, Lynx, as well as chat about a new story to come to the TV, or maybe not?


    Broadcast live on 27th May 2013

  • 115 – MARG! The BEARS are COMIN!

    The bears are approaching like thunder… you can feel the earth vibrate at the stampede…

    Nick Laws from Vicbears fills us in on what the commotion is about.  Southern Hibearnation 2013 of course!

    Colin from Brisbears also updates us on the northern brethren movements as well


    Broadcast live on 20th May 2013

  • 114 – The Out and Proud Clip Show 2013

    When you cant nab a friend, and your co-host is out for the count, what do you do?

    You come guns blazing with a kick ass clip show!  Reliving some of the cool and funny moments over the last few months.


    Broadcast live on 13th May 2013

  • 113 – Nerds Need Their Doctor

    The daddy of Doctor Who fandom, John Richards, joins the cubs to explore all current shows of Doctor Who (SPOILERS ALERT). He also recaps and updates us on some of his other projects.

    Not to incur the wrath of fate, but once again, Nick sits sidesaddle while John’s in the studio to delve into more Kink Corner and then some with hilarious results.


    Broadcast live on 6th May 2013

  • 112 – Anime Inspired

    Kevin’s geekdom showed this week, and we finally decided to feature a small sampling of anime music that Kevin enjoyed. (Alas due to broadcasting reasons we couldn’t add them into the podcast)

    Amongst the music both anime and charts, we discussed some latest Gizmodo news and what nudity can mean to one’s self esteem.


    Broadcast live on 29th April 2013

  • 111 – We Broke the Cookie

    So Cookie finally snapped and broke down with a cold… Couldn’t come in and string a sentence together.

    We did ask a fellow Joy presenter to help out at short notice and operate the panel to the live broadcast show.

    Unfortunately due to some issues we couldn’t get the full audio to put to podcast.  Instead we’ve piled together some of the pre-recorded interviews we did earlier in the week.

    Join Kevin as he finds out there’s more to Barry Taylor than mets the eye and debriefs with Scott Membry about the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

    Part of broadcast live from the 22nd April 2013


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