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  • 400th Transmission Time

    Program 400: In this program Jayne and Lauren look back over 12 years of Transmission Time. TMT first appeared on the air-waves on Monday the 1st February 1999 in the 2 hour ‘grave yard shift’ position at 11pm. As far as we know, Transmission Time is the oldest free to air transgender based radio programs in the world and the second oldest on the internet. Instead of Jayne & Lauren just talking about them selves and what the program has meant to them, Rebecca takes over as the interviewer and reverses the roles so that Jayne and Lauren have to answer the questions.

  • Post Sex Re-assignment Surgery After Care

    Program 392: In this program, Jayne & Rebecca talk about vaginal maintenance post having sex reassignment surgery. Many people believe that having Sex Re-assignment Surgery (SRS) is the end of the road, but in reality it is just the start of a lifetime of work to maintain what the surgeon had given you and as Rebecca says to keep your new vagina “factory fresh”.

    Like program 391 on SRS techniques, this is an extremely frank discussion and goes into why this ‘maintenance’ is required and how it is carried out.

  • Sex Re-assignment Surgery

    Program 391: In this program, Jayne & Rebecca discuss the various methods of Sex Re-assignment Surgery (SRS)currently available for male to female transgender women. Rebecca also talks about how she went about choosing a surgeon and why she decided to have her surgery in Thailand. This is an extremely frank discussion and goes into some detail of the surgery and how the ‘male’ genitalia is re-shaped to form the neo-vagina. Also see the companion program 392 on post SRS aftercare.

  • Definitions & Key points in Transitioning

    Show 374: This is our first show for the 2011 season. Jayne & Rebecca (first time on TMT) discuss Transgender definitions and their respective school reunions since transitioning. Also discussed are the 9 key points they consider were important to their gender transition from male to female. To finish the show, they discuss the case of a transgender care-giver at a New Zealand kindergarten and little bit of world news.

  • Cross-dressing

    Program 382. In this program Jayne & Lauren talk about their early days of cross-dressing. They discuss makeup, clothes, social groups, getting over the paranoia and the mistakes and triumphs they both experienced. They also talk about “Pumpingâ€, a cheap way trans women sometimes use to modifying their body to get a feminie shape. Pumping is extremely dangerous, is usually carried out by untrained practitioners and often leads to body deformities and can be fatal.

  • Interview with Dr Craig Smith about current gene reasearch in changing the sex of chickens

    Program 368. On this episode we talk to Dr Craig Smith who is an ARC Future Fellow at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia.

    Dr Smith talks about the process of genetic manipulation of chicken embryos to change their sex and its possible implications to the chicken industry and to humans. We also discuss the case of the Italian Roster who started laying eggs after all the hens in ‘his’ enclosure were killed by a fox.

    We also discuss the interesting cases of gynandromorophic birds (gyn = female’ andro = male = morph = form). These birds are male on one side of the body and female on the other. On the male side, Gynandromorphic chickens have a large leg with a spur on it, enlarged breast muscle and a comb typical of roosters. On the female side, the same bird has a smaller leg with small spur, less developed breast muscle and no comb. It is very unlikely that hormones are the cause of Gynandromorphic chickens – because hormones would flow in the blood to both sides of the body. Instead, scientists suggest that each cell in the body “knows†its sex, independently of – or in addition to – hormones. It is possible that a similar situation exists in other animals, including humans.

  • Interview with Dr Fintan Harte, Director of Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic

    Program 366: In this interview with Dr Fintan Harte, the director of the Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic, we talk about the Clinic’s history and the current guidelines for starting hormones and the requirements for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). This is unique insight into the changing face of treatment for gender dysphoria especially in light of the proposed changes the psychiatrist’s bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical manual or as it is more commonalty known the DSM.

  • Living with a Transgender Partner

    Program 344: In this interview with Sherryl we explore her life with a transgender partner. In this very frank interview, Sherryl talks about her personal life and how a relation with a transgendered person can prosper and grow. While the interview is done in a very light hearted way, the interview covers the serious issues of family, personal relationships and raising children where one partner is Transgendered.

    We also pay tribute to the life of Virginia Prince who was a pioneer in bringing transgender issues to the fore in the US and across the world. Virginia was the first person to coin the word ‘transgenderist / transgender’ in reference o M2F people, a term now used across the world.

    We also take a quick look at Jayne’s citizenship ceremony and a Eurovision Song party.

  • Interview with Victoria Police GLLOs

    Program 312: Jayne and Lauren talk with Sergeant Scott Davis and Senior Constable Gabrielle Tyacke of Victoria Police’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer [GLLO] unit. In this interview we discuss the background and purpose of the GLLO unit and its relevance to the transgender community.

    We discuss how a transgendered person would be treated by Victoria Police by proposing that Jayne has been misbehaving and has been detained and then arrested. While this is a light hearted discussion, it explains general police policies around questioning, identification, search, arrest and detention of transgender people.

    We also raise the proverbial question of transgendered people using public restrooms and department store change rooms when purchasing clothes.


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