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Board of Directors

  • Melinda Rich (President)
  • Marcus King (Vice President)
  • Jane Smith (Vice President)
  • Ian Graystone (Treasurer)
  • Rachel Rees (Secretary)
  • Kanthi Flynn
  • Priscillar Jeffery
  • Amanda Millar
  • Josh Pearson

Staff and Operations Team

Chief Executive Officer * Tennille Moisel


Sponsorship Account Manager * Ashley Edge

Sponsorship Campaign Manager  vacant

Prize coordinator  Ian Carlsson


Program director 

    • vacancy

Program coordinator 

    • Tom Morgan

Broadcasting interview coordinators 

    • vacancy

Music director 

    • Michael Polh

Music coordinator 

    • John Wintle

Music interview coordinators 

    • Taryn Walton

Music librarian 

    • Richard Walters

News director 

    • Gary Wilson

News coordinator 

    Colin Tyrus


Operations manager 

    • Dominique Haslam

Member Services coordinator 

    • Chris Furneaux

Operations support 

    • Anne Hamilton

Social media 


Production services

Production manager 

    • Jack Traynor

Audio Visual Team Leader 

    • vacancy

CSA coordinator 

    • vacancy

Program Imagery coordinator 

    • Clayton Wimshurst

Podcast coordinator 

    • Pete Holmes

Ident coordinator 

    John Von Ahlen

* Paid role