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Board of Directors

Board Sub-committees

Broadcast Compliance

Chair – Helen Jentz

Members – Pete Holmes, Ange Barry, Rachel Tyler Jones, Ian Muchamore

Charter / Terms of Reference

Role Description

Finance Audit & Risk

Chair – Priscilla Jeffery

Members –  Mark Adams, Matt Kelly & Helen Jentz


Staff and Operations Team

Chief Executive Officer * Ange Barry

Communications & Events Manager * Alejandra Laiton

ICT & Site Relocations Project Manager * Michael Strauss

Finance Coordinator * Helen Walmsley



Sales Coordinator * Sarah Kilalea

Sponsorship & Projects * Lucy Permezel

Prize coordinator  Ian Carlsson



Program Director * Rachel Tyler Jones

Content Coordinator * Arion Potts

Program coordinators Con Keramitsis, Kate Payne, Jayden Smith & Rachel Morrison

Music director Michael Polh

Music coordinator John Wintle

Music interview coordinator Bryan McGrath

Music librarian Richard Walters

News director Gary Wilson

News coordinator Judy Kelly

Event coordinator Sekar Astiari



Member Services coordinator Chris Furneaux

Operations support Anne Hamilton

Office Admin coordinator Robert King



Production & Services Manager Jordan Johnstone

Training Coordinator * Ti Butler

CSA coordinator vacancy

Program imaging producer Clayton Wimshurst

Podcast coordinator Pete Holmes

Ident coordinator John Von Ahlen

* Paid role