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Board of Directors

Board Sub-committees

Broadcast Compliance

Chair – Helen Jentz

Members – Pete Holmes, Ange Barry, Rachel Tyler Jones, Ian Muchamore

Charter / Terms of Reference

Role Description

Finance Audit & Risk

Chair – Priscilla Jeffery

Members –  Mark Adams, Matt Kelly & Helen Jentz


Staff and Operations Team

Chief Executive Officer * Ange Barry


Finance Coordinator * Helen Walmsley



Communications & Events Manager * Alejandra Laiton

Social Media Managers Ananya Gaitonde & Anindita Choudhury



Commercial Solutions Manager * Amy Barclay

Prize coordinator  Ian Carlsson



Program Director * Rachel Tyler Jones

Content Coordinator * Arion Potts

Program coordinators Con Keramitsis, Kate Payne  & Rachel Morrison

Music director Michael Polh

Music coordinator John Wintle

Music interview coordinator Bryan McGrath

Music librarian Richard Walters

News director Gary Wilson

News coordinator Judy Kelly



ICT & Site Relocations Project Manager * Michael Strauss

Member Services coordinator Chris Furneaux

Office Admin coordinator Robert King

Operations support Anne Hamilton

Technical support Tim Lawson



Production & Services Manager Jordan Johnstone

Training Coordinator * Ti Butler

Video Editor * Gail Davidson

Podcast coordinator Pete Holmes

Program imaging producer / Podcast trainer Clayton Wimshurst

Ident coordinator John Von Ahlen

* Paid role