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Board of Directors

  • Melinda Rich (President)
  • Tanya Matthewson (Vice President)
  • Ian Graystone (Treasurer)
  • Andrew Thorp (Secretary)
  • Andy McNamara
  • Jane Smith
  • Kanthi Flynn
  • Marcus King
  • Rachel Rees

Board Sub-committees

Programming Advisory

  • Andrew Thorp (Chair)
  • Jane Smith (Deputy Chair)
  • Tennille Moisel (CEO)
  • Andrea Kapteinis
  • Daniel White
  • Greta Larkins
  • Luke Mitchell
  • Sarah Chadwick
  • Ruby Mountford

     Non-voting members

  • Gary Wilson – news director
  • Jack Traynor – production manager
  • Micahel Polh – music director

Finance and Audit

  • Ian Graystone (Chair)
  • Kanthi Flynn (Deputy Chair)
  • Tennille Moisel (CEO)
  • Mark Adams
  • Matt Anderson
  • Matt Kelly
  • Peter Froutzis


  • Marcus King (Chair)
  • Andrew McNamara (Deputy Chair)
  • Kanthi Flynn (Deputy Chair)
  • Tennille Moisel (CEO)
  • Alex Cross
  • Athol Hawke
  • Chris Furneaux
  • David Hunt
  • Declan Kelly
  • Dylan Joel
  • Matt McDonell


Staff and Operations Team

Chief Executive Officer * Tennille Moisel


Sponsorship Account Manager * Ashley Edge
Sponsorship Campaign Manager  Dylan Joel
Prize coordinator  Ian Carlsson


Program coordinator Tom Morgan
Broadcasting interview coordinators Ti Butler
Music director Michael Polh
Music coordinator John Wintle
Music interview coordinator Taryn Walton
Music librarian Richard Walters
News director Gary Wilson
News coordinator Colin Tyrus


Operations manager Dominique Haslam
Member Services coordinator Chris Furneaux
Operations support Anne Hamilton
Social media Dylan Joel

Production services

Production manager Jack Traynor
Audio Visual Team Leader Andy McNamara
CSA coordinator vacancy
Program Imagery coordinator Clayton Wimshurst
Podcast coordinator Pete Holmes
Ident coordinator John Von Ahlen

* Paid role