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The actual history of ANZAC day is not what we are about, we are looking at the personal stories behind the issues on different levels.
This week we will look more closely at what at the experiences of Gay and lesbian people have been in the military.
Until 1992, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) retained the right to dismiss homosexuals from its ranks.
Since then it seems that although they could not discriminate against you legally they could make it intolerable for gay men and lesbians to be in the military.
There are mixed opinions on how it is now, so today on Allegro Non troppo we will ask some soldiers about this.

The deployment of Australian troops overseas is a huge issue fro our community, but what is it like for the men and women who are deployed.

Allegro Non Troppo has the HIGHEST respect for the people of the ADF who out their lives in the lines to defend out way of life and our freedom. We will NEVER forget.

Guests this week are:

Chris Warwick (Training Support Sergeant) and Michael Purdon (Signalman)
Topic/Event: ANZAC Day – Gays in Overseas Conflicts.

Thanks to: DEFGLIS


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