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In marriage equality updates, Peter Dutton predicts a success for ‘Yes’, but we still can’t let ourselves get complacent; What should you do if a friend or family member plans to vote ’No’? And more big businesses are on board with the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Anastasia needs a glute massage to heal her hypochondria and Warren has seen an energy healer and had a visit from his deceased grandfather.

Today’s hot topics:

  • Would you cope without Facebook?
  • Have you ever pocket dialled someone? What about live-streamed sex?
  • Do dogs have any rights at an off-leash dog park?
  • When should you take a personal day from work?
  • Tony Abbott believes climate change is real and is a good thing.

Plus making generous decisions, bad hotel reviews, yoga pants in public, popping cake pimples, Thatcher’s recipes, and a croc in the Thames.


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