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Welcome to our PRINCESS PINK filled world. This week we have some amazing new artists we’d like to share with you: A*M*E, Hi Fashion, NoNoNo, Private, and Foxes. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THEIR CAREERS. Plus all the usual trash and treasures.

So here is tonights playlist  Tune in to us this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  7pm for 26 tracks in 2 hours (yes, we know!). Your hosts are Dennis and Dick


Anise K Walking on air     7th Heaven radio edit
Belinda Carlisle Sun
Rex the Dog ft Jamie McDermott Do you feel what I feel
Cahill ft Kimberley Locke Feel the love     Grum radio edit
A*M*E Heartless     MNEK remix
Dido End of night     Bimbo Jones radio edit
Alyssa Reid The game     Bimbo Jones radio edit
Foxes Beauty queen
Capital Cities Safe and sound     DiscoTech remix
Inna More than friends     Ramy Blazin remix
Fall Out Boy My songs know what you did in the dark
Leah LaBelle Lolita     Chris Cox radio edit
Hi Fashion Eighteen
Ne-Yo Let me love you    Bob Sinclar radio edit
Imagine Dragons Radioactive     Dirty Tees new radio edit
Nelly Hey Porsche     CLX radio edit
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Can’t hold us     Kaskade remix
NERVO Hold on
Martin Solveig and The Cataracs ft Kyle Hey now     Nordh’s extended bootleg
NoNoNo Pumpin blood
MNDR Feed me diamonds     Connor Cruise remix
Selena Gomez Come and get it
Private Hell ain’t a bad place to be
Whitney Houston I wanna dance with somebody  JRMX edit
Sarah Brightman Angel     Wawa extended mix
Staygold Wallpaper     Greg Salto remix



FILM : SLEEPWALK WITH ME : This was film loosely based on the life of, and starring comedian turned playwright turned filmmaker Mike Birbiglia. It started with his early comedic days, before he was funny, and how the relationship with his girlfriend was heading towards marriage and his comedic skills improving. It was a quirky film but overall very amusing, particularly the scenes relating to his problems with sleepwalking. Worth considering.

FILM : KON-TIKI : This was a big boys-own adventure movie, based on the trip made by explorer Thor Heyerdahl in 1947, with a total crew of 6, on a balsa wood raft, to show that the ancestors of the Peruvians were the first to discover the Polynesian Islands. It took about 3 months with only sail power to cross the seas, and problems included storms, getting waterlogged, sharks and whales. Good fun, and a cracking yarn. Except it was a true story.

FILM : WARM BLOOD : I knew this was going to be good but, really this was such a wonderful film. It had a proper horror story, plus it was also love story, the humour was very black and subtle (a bit like the early Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz). Plus it had lots of zombies, lots of fighting and a happy ending !!!! 5*****

FILM : THE COMPANY YOU KEEP : When a group of young american dissidents finally decided that passive demonstrations against the Vietnam war back in the 70’s wasn’t enough , they resorted to violence and during a bank robbery a guard got killed. 30 years later, one of robbers decided to give herself up. Enter intrepid (and rather cute) reporter Shia LaBoeuf, who wants to get to the bottom of this complicated affair, and ends up discovering a lot more than he expected. This is a good political thriller with some greats actors. Worth considering.

FILM : NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE : PEOPLE : Another brilliant theatrical production form the National Theatre UK screened by the Nova. The play was a new one by Alan Bennett, about 2 sisters who owned a historical mansion (think Downton Abbey) that is falling down around their ears. The choice is between bequeathing it to the National Trust, or selling it. This turned out to be a rather droll comedy, and a reflection on national treasures, whether the people own them collectively, why do we actually visit these historical properties, and the meaning of life, basically. Food for thought.



STAYGOLD Wallpaper

PRIVATE Hell ain’t a bad place to be


FOXES Beauty queen




CAPITAL CITIES Safe and sound





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