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Welcome to another yet another TOUCH OF PINK. We are so pleased with some of tonight’s new tracks including The Saturdays “Gentleman”, two remixes from the GREAT GATSBY, not to forget Hazell Dean, a Marina/Charlie free download, and the rather amazing KAZAKY …. If you don’t believe us, just go to their new video.

So here is tonights playlist  Tune in to us this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  7pm for 26 tracks in 2 hours (yes, we know!). Your hosts are Dennis and Dick

 PLAYLIST FOR 18th May 2013

Agnetha Faltskog When you really loved someone    Alias radio edit
Anna Kendrick Cups     MR dance mix
Fergie A little party never killed nobody    Pink Panda edit
Chris Cox, DJ Frankie ft Crystal Waters Oh! Mama hey     Stonebridge radio mix
Kazaky Crazy law     TK radio mix
Ciara Body party     Dave aude radio edit
Krewella Alive
Diana Vickers Cinderella
Lana Del Rey Young and beautiful    Panic City remix
Icona Pop I love it     Wayne G and LFB radio edit
Saturdays Gentleman     Alias radio edit
Irina One last kiss     Gomez and Chapado radio edit
Barona and Bouvier ft Abigail Surrender     Club mix
Jessie Ware and Julio Bashmore Imagine it was us    Mr Johnstone remix
Dido End of night     Vince Clarke remix
Kat De Luna Stars     Riddler radio edit
Grimes Oblivion     Slink remix
Kate Boy The way we are
Hazell Dean This is my life     Matt Pop radio edit
Marina and the Diamonds and Charlie XCX Just desserts
John Newman Let me love again
Steve Malinchak So good to me   Steve Smart & Westfunk radio edit
Michal Poliak Paradise ft Olga Luonova
Clockwork Surge ft Wynter Gordon
Phoenix Trying to be cool     Chainsmokers remix
Chaka Khan It’s not over     Ralphi Rosario radio mix


FILM : THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES : Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper do another an interesting movie, about a trailer trash carnival motorcyclist (Ryan Gosling), who gets caught during a robbery and shot by a cop Bradley Cooper). Both of these characters have sons who meet and become friends, and this relationship becomes the third part of the film. Not a great movie, but worth considering, and at least the plot makes you think.

FILM : STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS : This was everything that IRON MAN 3 wasn’t … it was exciting, fresh, full of humour and many genuinely gasping moments. I gasped at least 6 times. What a pleasant surprise !!!

FILM : FAREWELL MY QUEEN : (French historical drama) Interesting movie, sort of like Downton Abbey, but set in the Palace of Versailles and with french accents. And just as the French Revolution was just about to begin. So, lot’s of running around upstairs and downstairs, and lots of gossips amongst the downstairs staff. And of course the oh so close relationship between Marie Antoinette and her ladies attendant, the Duchess Gabrielle, which set the tongue-a-wagging. So there you are … a lesbian affair and the French Revolution. What’s not to like?

DVD : COMPULSION : Starring Heather Graham as a deranged Nigella Lawson type, who dreams of having a sexy cooking show on TV. All the cooking and shopping for ingredients starts to get on the nerves of her boyfriend. And then she becomes fixated on the aging and very private film star in the apartment opposite to her. Stalking ensues, and then things start to get really strange. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s a doozy. Good TV watching fun for winter.

FILM : SPRING BREAKERS : This turned out to be much more than I expected. It was initially about teenagers going for their spring break holiday down to Florida, drinking, taking drugs and having sex (much like schoolies week). But then 4 young girls who couldn’t afford to join the fun, rob a shop, go down to Florida, and get busted by the police at a drug party. They are bailed out by a sleazy gangsta / rapper (James Franco, almost unrecognisable), and join in with him for a while till thinks start going wrong. This is where it turns into a Quentin Tarantino-esque movie. Not for everyone, but if you like Tarantino-type art films then give this a go. EXCELLENT !!!

DON’T MISS THIS TRAILER !!! SPRING BREAKERS ANTHEM. This is an amazing video hosted by Zack Galifinakis, also featuring James Franco in a very gay interview and then marrying a man !!! 




KAZAKY Crazy Law




JOHN NEWMAN Let me love again




CIARA Body party




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