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Orville Peck

Welcome to another episode of A Touch Of Pink, your one-stop shop for rainbow pop. As usual, all tracks tonight have rainbow content …. and a touch of glitter. Tune in this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  5-6 pm for a whole heap (as many as we can get through in an hour) of tracks. Your host will be Dick.

13 all new/recent tracks tonight, and another poptastic collection of fun from our rainbow family of artists from all around the world. New tracks from Rufus Wainwright, Nuschi (not sure if this is a joke but the facebook page says Nuschi is a gender fluid algorhythm developed in Sweden and the UK), plus remixes of new songs from allies Little Mix and Danni Minogue by gay remixers Bright Light Bright Light and MNEK.

Playlist for Show 677 to be broadcast on 15th August 2020

Rufus Wainwright

Devils & Angels (hatred)

Marc Almond

Fighting a war

Pragya Pallavi

Jazzy Wine


For real


Dancing in my bed (Majestic & Luis Rumore edit)

Trent Park

Scare me most

Bright Light Bright Light

Spinning the wheel


Let’s go to bed

Orville Peck

Smalltown boy

Philip La Rosa **


Little Mix

Holiday (MNEK remix)

Dannii Minogue  **

All I wanna do 2020 (BLX2 edit)

Ronan Parke

No love (like first love)

Aussie content **         All tracks have GLBTIQ+ content

Ronan Parke

Interesting Things To Do

Hands up who hasn’t seen Beyonce’s Black Is King extended (to 90 minutes) video? It’s the visual component of her new album, and it’s an exhausting trip around the world in 60+ costume changes, full of images of female empowerment, nurturing male masculinity, and reclaiming one’s African roots.

The costumes are stunning, the scenery spectacular, the songs pretty average for Beyonce, but it’s an interesting diversion, and did I mention the costumes?

from Black Is King                                        

Song Of The Week: BAGGAGE from Perth resident, Philip La Rosa. A more dramatic song this time, a powerful ballad with a message, and a winning performance.

Copyright @ Lana & Co www.lanaandco.com.au (Philip La Rosa)

Top Five Videos :

Antoine93 : For real

Orville Peck : Smalltown Boy

Little Mix : Holiday (MNEK remix)

Ronan Parke : No love (like first love)

Rufus Wainwright : Devils & Angels

That’s your lot ….. now sashay away …


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