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Welcome to another episode of A Touch Of Pink, your one-stop shop for rainbow pop. As usual, all tracks tonight have rainbow content. Tune in this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  5-6 pm for a whole heap (as many as we can get through in an hour) of tracks. Your host will be Dick.

12 new or recent tracks tonight, from rainbow artists from USA, UK, Sweden and Australia. New tracks tonight from Eli Lieb, Steps, Huguenot, Fab The Duo, BLX2 ft Andy Bell, King Princess and Aussie artists Apollo Blue, Lupa J and Tanner Derby

Playlist for Show 692 to be broadcast on 31st October 2020

Eli Lieb

One in a million

Apollo Blue. **

Moonchild (see below on right)

Orville Peck

Drive me crazy

Cameron Hawthorn

Oh Hot Damn!(Goldhouse remix)


Under my skin (Sakgra remix)

Lupa J. **

This suburb


You made my day (Fiben remix)

Tanner Derby. **

Empty Room

Fab The Duo

Heart to break

Bright Light Bright Light

Good at goodbyes ft Andy Bel

Martin Blix


King Princess

Only time makes it human

Aussie content  **                                 All tracks have Rainbow content


Interesting Things To Do … at least we can go out and have a picnic with a small select group of friends. Find your nearest park, sports. oval, a few sandwiches, even more cake-y items, and a hot and cold drinks in the thermos. It may be a bit cool, but dress warmly and the sun, in limited amounts, is very good for your Vitamin D. Don’t forget to take a hat.

Lupa J

Single Of The Week: Only Time Makes it Human from King Princess. Brooklyn artist with an intriguing drag persona. This is a very catchy, dare I say commercial, track, interesting lyrics and a superb video. Everything a super social person could want.

Top Five Videos For This Week:

Cameron Hawthorn : Oh Hot Damn! (Line Dance Video) (go on, you know you want to try it)

Bright Light Bright Light : Good At Goodbyes ft Andy Bell (live from Club Cumming NYC)

Orville Peck : Drive Me, Crazy (live @ Wynwood Pride 2020) (about truckers in love)

Eli Lieb : One in a million (audio only)

Apollo Blue : Moonchild (audio only) (Ziggy Stardust lives)

That’s your lot ….. now sashay away …


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