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Welcome to another episode of A Touch Of Pink, your one-stop shop for rainbow pop. As usual, all tracks tonight have rainbow content. Tune in this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  5-6 pm for a whole heap (as many as we can get through in an hour) of tracks. Your host will be Dick.

12 new or recent tracks tonight, featuring rainbow artists from the USA, UK and 6 Australian artists. Tonight all the tracks are new except for Traig which came out in September.

King Princess

There are 2 seasonal offerings tonight, one of which is a fundraiser for UK FairShare, a charity to provide for for the disadvantaged. Matt Lucas originally did a song called Thank You, Baked Potato, and now Merry Christmas, Baked Potato has updated the song to raise funds at Christmas. The other is a track called “The Snowfall Of December”, from Liverpool based  producer Dan Scoles featuring  singer Ben Davidson, who also has a new song “Learn To Love Again” which I played last week.

Playlist for Show 697 to be broadcast on 5th December 2020

DSM ft Ben Davidson

The Snowfall of December

Matt Lucas

Merry Christmas, Baked Potato

Route 94 ft L Devine

Sad Songs (Skream remix)

Peter Wilson. **

Fire Alarm

Nick Jay/Carlotta Chadwick. **

Rockin’ for myself (7th Heaven radio edit)

Tom Aspaul


King Princess



Get me to the disco (Leo Frappes Spin my record remix)

Dylan. **

Anyone like you

Eleanor Meegan. **


Grimmer. **

Happy Ending


What’s so good about Brandon?          

Aussie content  **                                 All tracks have Rainbow content


Song Of The Week : Very hard to choose, but there are some great Aussie artists on the show tonight, and I really like Anyone Like You from Dylan, a Sydney based writer producer, with a lovely slick pop product, catchy and very groovy.

Eleanor Meegan

Top Five Videos For This Week: Unfortunately there are no videos from the songs this week, but here are some of my recent other discoveries …

The Evolution Of Dance 1950 to 2019 by Ricardo Walker’s Crew

Katya ft Trixie Matel : Ding Dong

Shirley Bassey : You ain’t heard nothing yet (yes, she’s still got it!)

Seth Bogart : Boys who don’t wanna be boys

Kelly Rowland : Hitman (she’s the best Destiny’s Child!)

That’s your lot ….. now sashay away …


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