Welcome to another episode of A Touch Of Pink, your one-stop shop for rainbow pop. As usual, all tracks tonight have rainbow content. Tune in this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  5-6 pm for a whole heap (as many as we can get through in an hour) of tracks. Your host will be Dick.

Tia Kofi


AND PLEASE REMEMBER !!!!!! Next Saturday, 6th March at 6pm, i.e. after this show, JOY949 will be broadcasting directly from the Sydney Mardi Gras from 6-9pm.

Mardi Gras Venue 2021

From 5-6pm I will be playing some of our favourite Mardi Gras tunes, but by our own RAINBOW artists. So don’t forget to tune in and join the fun and festivities.

Julia Wallace

13 new or recent tracks tonight, featuring rainbow artists from Australia, America, Canada and there UK. New tracks tonight from Mark Picchiotti, Tia Kofi, Justin Utley, Fab The Duo, Max M ft Chris Willis, and Aussies Julia Wallace and Josef Salvat.

(Hayden McHugh)                      (Tom Aspaul)

Playlist for Show 709 to be broadcast on 27th February 2021

Julia Wallace. **I

Place in mind

Mark Picchiotti,Javi Star & Amani Jae

I got you


I just wanna be loved

Hayden McHugh

Better ft Transit22

Years & Years

It’s a sin (Motivee remix)

Tia Kofi

Outside in

Justin Utley

Underneath my skin

Fab The Duo

So what (sad version)

Art d’Ecco

TV God

Tom Aspaul & Funk LeBlanc

The Program ft Madeleine Wood

Josef Salvat. **

One more night

Max M ft Chris Willis

If this is what it feels like

Sia. **

Hey Boy (Wideboys remix)

  **  Aussie content               All tracks have RAINBOW content

SONG OF THE WEEK : ‘So What’ by Fab The Duo. I must admit I’m not the greatest or even a fan of Pink, but very occasionally she does a great song, and I love this ‘sad version’ of her song by the fabulous Fab The Duo from New York City. They have compared themselves to Sonny & Cher, but with 2 Chers, and I’m inclined to agree. They have wonderful voices and that touch of class.


Tom Aspaul & Funk LeBlanc : The Program ft Madeleine Wood (a modern Alcazar?)

Mark Picchiotti etc: I Got You

Jordy : I just wanna be loved

Years & Years : It’s a sin (video montage)

Sia : Hey Boy (lyric video … cute, and give Sia’s movie “Music” a try)

That’s your lot ….. now sashay away … and don’t forget the JOY 949 Sydney Mardi Gras broadcast next Saturday, 6th March from 6-9 pm, and A Touch Of Pink from 5-6 pm.