Art d’Ecco

Welcome to another episode of A Touch Of Pink, your one-stop shop for rainbow pop. As usual, all tracks tonight have rainbow content. Tune in this Saturday on JOY 94.9 from  5-6 pm for a whole heap (as many as we can get through in an hour) of tracks. Your host will be Dick.

Boy George + Kim Wilde

13 new or recent tracks tonight featuring rainbow artists from the USA, England, Canada, Sweden and Australia. New tracks tonight from.

Playlist for Show 716 to be broadcast on 24th April 2021

Eli Lieb

One in a million

Ricky Allson

White lies


Count on me (clean)

Jason Walker

All to you (David Morales Classic radio mix)


Viva La Victoria (Corazone Discowave remix)

Years and Years


Boy George & Kim Wilde

Namer & number ( C-Dubs Little Black Book radio edit)

Art d’Ecco

I am the dance floor             

Ella Fence. **


Peter Wilson ft Sean Smith. **

One and one

The Shapeshifters

Finally ready ft Billy Porter (Dimitri From Paris remix)

Dimitri From Paris x Fiorious

Music saved my life

Ben Davidson

One more hit (JNR remix)

Aussie content  **                                 All tracks have Rainbow content

Ricky Allson

Song Of The Week : ‘I am the dance floor’ by Art d’Ecco. New song from highly anticipated 2nd album IN STANDARD DEFINITION out now. Very much in the 70’s/80’s glam rock mold, this is another great driving song from this gender fluid artist and band.

Top Five Other Videos For This Week:

Eli Lieb : One in a million (from film Ghosts Of The Republique) 

Trailer For Rainbow Surrogacy Documentary “Ghosts Of The Republique”

Peter Wilson and Sean Smith : One and one

Brockhampton : Count on me

Years and Years : Starstruck

Ben Davidson : One more hit (JNR remix) (audio only)

That’s your lot ….. now sashay away …