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[Ukrainian: Three – I can get back to doing that later]

01c1c2d4fe4bfd37109ee48e58600145f78aed43a1Here’s the list of music from this week’s show. Happy Australia Day!

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Список музики

五月天 – 傷心的人別聽慢歌(貫徹快樂) [Mandarin: Mayday – Sad People Should not Listen to slow Songs (Don’t Dont’s)]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

CRO – Einmal um die Welt (Budget remix) [German: Once Around the World]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Padelis Padelidis – Ginete [Greek: What’s Done is Done]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Khaled – C’est la vie [Algerian Arabic & French]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Gordon – Kom Eens Dichterbij [GLBTI – Dutch: Come Closer]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Elvis Blue – Rede Om Te Glo [Afrikaans: Reason to Believe]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Nidji – Diatas Awan [Indonesian: Above Clouds]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Juanes – La Luz [Spanish: The Light]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Ali Mills – Waltjim Bat Matilda [AU – Gurindji-Kungarakan: Waltzing Matilda]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Dirty Babble Secret

Čuki – Krokodilčki (2013 Remix) [Slovenian: Little Crocodiles]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

babble2babble: Ukrainian

Ani Lorak – Оранжевые сны [Orange Dreams]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Sofia Tarasova – We Are One      Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

What did you think of the original version of  C’est la Vie by Khaled compared to last week’s cover by Marc Anthony? Share your thoughts:


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