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[Hindi: Six – All’s well that ends well]

Here’s the list of music from this week’s show.Ep06-20140215

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गीतों की सूची

Bitsat Seyoum – Diebushu [AU – Amharic: Greeting with big hug]     Download on iTunes

Xristina Salti – Liono Gia Sena [Greek: Wanting You]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Gloc-9 ft. Rico Blanco – Magda [Tagalog]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Tan Bionica – Ciudad Mágica [Spanish: Magic City]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Milan Stanković – Ovo je Balkan [Serbian: This is the Balkans]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Zaz – On ira [French: It Will]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Kati Wolf – Hívjuk Elő! [Hungarian: Let’s Recall]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Magnus Carlsson – Oslagbar [GLBTI – Swedish: Unbeatable]     Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Hindi

Mika Singh & Kalpana Patwari – गन्दी बात (Gandi Baat) [Talk Dirty]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

Vishal & Shekhar – धत तेरी कि (Dhat Teri Ki) [I won’t go home]     Download on iTunes     Watch on YouTibe

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