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[Swedish: Thirty-six – Close but no cigar]

Ep 36 - 20140920Here’s the list of music from this week’s show.

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Aviv Geffen with Matti Caspi – מסתובב [Hebrew: Spinning]      Download on iTunes

Münik – Sígueme [Spanish: Follow Me]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

Chiara – Un Giorno di Sole [Italian: A Day in the Sun]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

Wama – Leh Laa [Arabic]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

AKB48 – 真夏のSounds good! [#classic – Japanese: Midsummer ‘Sounds Good!’]        Watch on YouTube

S.N. Prasad, Gana Bala & El Fé Choir – Adaikalam [Hindi]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

Shy’M – La Malice [French: Malice]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

NATAN ft. DJ KAN – Часть меня [Russian: A Part of Me]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Swedish

Markus Krunegård – Du stör dig hårt på mig [You’re Bothered By Me]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

Veronica Maggio – Låtsas som det regnar (Jarly Remix) [Pretend That It’s Raining]       Watch on YouTube      Download on iTunes

What did you think of the music on tonight’s show?


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