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[Greek: Forty-five – Great minds think alike]

Ep 45 20141122Here’s all the music from this week’s show.

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Η λίστα τραγουδιών

Rosa – Europe’s Living a Celebration [#EuroClassic – Spanish & English]       Watch on YouTube

John Mamann ft. Kika – Love Life [French & English]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

S. P. Balasubrahmanyam & Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam – Oh Nanba [Tamil]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Titanix – Kyss Mig [Swedish: Kiss Me]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Akdong Musician – 200% [Korean]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Grace Barbé – Afro-Séga [AU – English & Seychellois-Kreol]       Download on iTunes

Medina – Når Intet Er Godt Nok [Danish: When Nothing is Good Enough]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Anna Lesko – Foc Si Scrum [Romanian: Fire and Ashes]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Greek

Pantelis Pantelidis – Σκούπισε τα πόδια σου και πέρασε (Skoupise Ta Podia Sou Ke Perase) [Wipe Your Feet and Come In]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

REC – Κενό (Keno) [Empty]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

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