Fifty-three – Our home is girt by sea


[#Eurovision: 53 – For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share]

Ep 53 20150124Here’s all the music from this week’s show.

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عمرو دياب – شفت الأيام (Amr Diab – Shoft El Ayam) [Arabic: Seen the Days]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Toby Grey – Gboju [Yoruba]        Watch on YouTube

Μαλού – Μια Φορά Στο Τόσο (Malu – Mia Fora Sto Toso) (Remix) [Greek: Once in a While]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Aziz Harun – Senyum [Malay: Smile]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Keen’V – Dis-Moi Oui (Marina) [French: Tell Me Yes]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Danny Saucedo – All You Need Is A Spark [English – Sweden]        Watch on YouTube

Sofia Reyes ft. Wisin – Muévelo [Spanish: Move It]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Ewa Farna – Leporelo [Czech: Folder]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Ex-Eurovision

Martin Stenmarck – Glas, betong och cement [Swedish: Glass, concrete and cement]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Elaiza – Green [English – Germany]        Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

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