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[#CDW2015: 60 – Happy Harmony Day!]

Ep60 20150321Here’s all the music from this week’s show, celebrating Harmony Day and Cultural Diversity Week.

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The Countdown: 10 Most Spoken Languages in Victoria

#10: Viktor Apostolovski – Другата во тебе (Drugata Vo Tebe) [Macedonian: The Other One Inside You]       Watch on YouTube

#9: Neetu Bhalla – Desi Jatt [#classic – Punjabi]       Watch on YouTube

#8: Badshah & Aastha – Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai [Hindi: The Party Has Just Begun]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#7: Volga Tamöz feat. Hande Yener – Sebastian [Turkish]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#6: Amr Diab – Jana [Arabic]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#5: Sammi Cheng – 原始武器 [#classic – Cantonese: The Original Weapon]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#4: MIN from St.319 feat. Mr. A – Luôn Bên Anh (By Your Side) [Vietnamese: Stay in Britain]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#3: Mayday – 將軍令 [Mandarin: General Order]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#2: Θωμαή Απέργη & Legend – Jazz & Συρτάκι (Thomai Apergi & Legend – Jazz & Sirtaki) [#EuroSong15 – Greek]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

#1: Nek – Fatti Avanti Amore [#Sanremo – Italian: Facts Make Love Quicker]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

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