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[Junior Eurovision: 76 – Bella’s repping for Aus!]

Ep 76 20151010It’s a HUGE week for Australia and Eurovision, with the announcement of our inclusion in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Not only are there JESC classics galore, but Michael also chatted with Kath Lockett, one of the JESC Gods and also an Australian.

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Vincenzo Cantiello – Tu Primo Grande Amore [Italy 2014 – Italian: You Are My First Great Love]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Bella Paige – My Girls [AU – Australia 2015 – English]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

The Funkids – Funky Lemonade [Georgia 2012 – Georgian/English]        Watch on YouTube

Erik Rapp – Faller [GLBT – Sweden 2011 – Swedish]        Watch on YouTube

Katrina – Dit Is Pas Het Begin [Junior Songfestival 2015 – Dutch: This Is Only The Beginning]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Sofia Tarasova – We Are One [Ukraine 2013 – Ukrainian/English]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Michele Perniola – O-o-O Sole Intorno a Me [San Marino 2013 – Italian: The Sun Around Me]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Leni – Najlepši dan [Mini EMA 2015 – Slovenian: The Most Beautiful Day]        Watch on YouTube

Sophia Patsalides – I Pio Omorfi Mera – The Most Beautiful [Cyprus 2014 – Greek]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

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