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[Russian: One hundred and fifty-six – Nothing is impossible]

Here’s all the music from this week’s Eurovision show.

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Ott Lepland – Siin me kokku saime (VIP Mix) [Estonian: We Got Together Here]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Alyosha – На фоні Париж [Ukrainian: In the background of Paris]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

ByeAlex és a Slepp ft Lotfi Begi – Bababo [Hungarian]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Sanna Nielsen – Inte Ok [Swedish: Not Ok]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Raphael Gualazzi – La fine del mondo [Italian: The End of the World]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Kim ft Kalomoira – Lipstick 2017 [Greek]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Hadise – Sıfır Tolerans [Turkish: Zero Tolerance]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Поли Генова (Poli Genova) – Г-н Президент [Bulgarian: Mr. President]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Russian

Polina Gagarina – Обезоружена [Disarmed]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

Kristian Kostov – Глубина [Depth]       Watch on YouTube       Download on iTunes

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