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[Croatian: One hundred and sixty-five – Making a big deal out of nothing]

It was a whole heap of fun for Io’s birthday! Michael and Liam bring some tunes to the party to make it a Lea Triple.

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Popis pjesama

LEA – Zu dir [German: To you]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Lea Sirk – Moj Profil [Slovenian: My Profile]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

MOMOLAND – BBoom BBoom [Japanese]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Best B4 – Ma tahan sind, sa vajad mind [#babbleCLASSIC – Estonian: I want you, you need me]        Watch on YouTube

Pūkana & Whānau ft Nathaniel Howe, Makaira Berry, Raniera Blake, Puawai Taiapa, Pere Wihongi, Awatea Wihongi, Hoeata Maxwell-Blake, Tawaroa Kawana, Meto Tagivale Schmidt-Peke, Katerama Pou, Te Awhina Kaiwai-Winikau & Mereana Teka – Maimoatia [Maori: Cherish It]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Lia Clark ft Heavy Baile – Q.M.T [LGBTI – Portuguese]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Neha Kakkar, Dhvani Bhanusali, Ikka & Tanishk Bagchi – Dilbar [Hindi]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Элджей – 360° [Russian]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Croatian

Detour – Vikend [Weekend]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Ines Erbus – Ti i ja [You and I]        Watch on YouTube

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