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[Kazakh: One hundred and sixty-six – Young at heart]

It was a night of bops, bangers and jams tonight, even though Michael had no idea what time of day it was. Thankfully Liam and Io didn’t care too much – they were too busy dancing.

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Ойнату тізімі

KARD – Ride on the Wind [Korean]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Monique – Žinau Ką Turiu [Lithuanian: I Know What I Have]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Κωνσταντίνος Αργυρός – Λιώμα (Konstantinos Argiros – Liwma) [Greek: Lime]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Nhatty Man – አንድ ይበልጣል ከመቶ [AU – Amharic: One is greater than 100]        Watch on YouTube

Thalía & Natti Natasha – No Me Acuerdo [Spanish: I Don’t Remember]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Elodie, Michele Bravi & Guè Pequeno – Nero Bali [LGBTI – Italian: Black Bali]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Laura – Tõusulained [Estonian: Tidal Wave]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

Vuk Mob – Miševi Kolo Vode [Serbian]        Watch on YouTube        Download on iTunes

babble2babble: Kazakh

Жанар Дұғалова – Ізін көрем [You are My Destiny]        Watch on YouTube

Дана – Ханзадам [Prince]        Watch on YouTube

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