एक सौ अठासी – आसमान सिर पर उठाना


[Hindi: One hundred and eighty-eight – Make a lot of noise]

Liam’s sick, so Michael and Io ring in the new year with a huge bundle of new music. There’s something for everyone, including a raunchy Belorussian, hot Armenian and up-and-coming Finn.

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Bess ft Møtions – Kuuma [Finnish: Hot]

Bianka – Ау [Russian]      Watch on YouTube

WINNER – MILLIONS [Korean]      Watch on YouTube

Đông Nhi – Gọi Em Đi [Vietnamese: Call Me]      Watch on YouTube

Aya Nakamura – La dot [French: Dowry]      Watch on YouTube

Jilbér & Mihran Tsarukyan – Amenalav Party [Armenian]      Watch on YouTube

The Biebers ft CURTIS – Minden Este [Hungarian: All Night]      Watch on YouTube

Jay & Lianie May – Siekverlief [Afrikaans: Sick Love]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Hindi

Dhvani Bhanushali ft Tanishk Bagchi & Sandesh Shandilya – Leja Re [Take it]      Watch on YouTube

Neha Kakkar – Gali Gali [Street to Street]      Watch on YouTube

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