Honderd vijfennegentig – Weten waar Abraham de mosterd halt


[Dutch: One hundred and ninety-five – To know your stuff]

Michael and Io both landed back in the babble studio after being away for a week, and lined up a hot playlist to welcome July.

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Todiefor & SHOEBA x Roméo Elvis – Signals [French]       Watch on YouTube

Анисаи Азиз – Мерси [Tajik: Mercy]       Watch on YouTube

Elandré – Vuur Op Die Water [Afrikaans: Fire on the Water]       Watch on YouTube

Rayt Carreon – Ano Bang Meron [Tagalog: What’s Up]       Watch on YouTube

Galin ft Azis – Мамиш [LGBTI – Bulgarian: Mum]       Watch on YouTube

SOMI – BIRTHDAY [Korean]       Watch on YouTube

Laleh – Svenska 2 [Swedish: Swedish grade]       Watch on YouTube

Top Girls – Nie Jestem Taka [Polish: I’m Not Like That]       Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Dutch

Marco Borsato, Armin van Buuren & Davina Michelle – Hoe Het Danst [How It Dances]       Watch on YouTube

K3 – Jij bent mijn Gigi [You are my Gigi]       Watch on YouTube

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