Dvesto jedna – Fakt


[Slovak: Two hundred and one – Are you serious?!]

If you want the newest pop in languages other than English, you’ve come to the right place. Michael, Liam and Io scour the world for some of the biggest bangers, bops and belters that you’ll ever find and share them all with you on the show.

There’s something brand new from some favourite Swedes, as well as a butter-churning maid who has taken a different turn in Polish. Plus, we go back-to-back in Slovak for the first time.

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SEÑORITAS – María, María [German]        Watch on YouTube

Stacy – Khayal [Indonesian: Daydream]        Watch on YouTube

Isaac – Đau Đầu [Vietnamese: Headache]        Watch on YouTube

abdr. – Глубина [Russian: Depth]        Watch on YouTube

Aitana & Lola Indigo – Me Quedo [Spanish: I stay]        Watch on YouTube

Samir & Viktor – Kemi [LGBTI – Swedish: Chemistry]        Watch on YouTube

Cleo – Za Krokiem Krok [Polish: Step by step]        Watch on YouTube

ANS – Wonderland [Korean]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Slovak

Peter Pann ft Mišo Biely, Eusebio & Miky Mora – Ona to Má [She’s got it]        Watch on YouTube

Stefi ft Mafia Corner – Šalena Ja Bula [I was crazy]        Watch on YouTube

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