Двісті три – Незалежність


[Ukrainian: Two hundred and three – Independence]

It’s a show of celebrations. Michael, Liam and Io track back a week to celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day and the Baltics’ Singing Revolution. We also get the latest Eurovision news and pump the volume up for some disco polo!

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Mahmood – Barrio [LGBTI – Italian: Neighbourhood]

Sitora Abdurahmonova – Симингари (Simingari) [Tajik]

Rassell, Sabīne Berezina & Aivo Oskis – Visums Un Gaiss [Latvian: The Universe and the Air]       Watch on YouTube

SUNMI – LALALAY [Korean]       Watch on YouTube

Nine One One ft Ella Chen – Like Boom Boom [Mandarin]       Watch on YouTube

Monique – Virš Vandens [Lithuanian: Above the Water]       Watch on YouTube

Grete Paia – Kinni Mind Püüda Saa [Estonian: You cannot catch me]       Watch on YouTube

Daj To Głośniej – Mama Ostrzegała [Polish: Mum Warned]       Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Ukrainian

Tina Karol – Вабити [To Attract]       Watch on YouTube

MÉLOVIN – Ти [You]       Watch on YouTube

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