[French: Two hundred and five – To fall head over heels]

It’s a journey around the world as some of the best pop in languages other than English gets a play on Aussie radio. Make sure your passport’s handy as Michael, Liam and Io jump in and out of travel montages and ways of getting there. Keep watch for babbleTRAVEL coming soon.

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LOTTE & Max Giesinger – Auf das, was da noch kommt [German: On what is to come]        Watch on YouTube

Dias Ablayev – BOOM [Kazakh]        Watch on YouTube

Lauris Reiniks – Izvēdināt galvu [Latvian: Clear my head]        Watch on YouTube

Sons Of Zion – Pōtere Ana [Maori: Drift Away]

Kim Molina – Jowable [Tagalog: Partner]        Watch on YouTube

Eva Boto – Naj Vedo [Slovenian: Let them know]        Watch on YouTube

Sibel Tüzün – Olaylara Gel (Aytun Gelgin Version) [Turkish: Come to Events]        Watch on YouTube

Ваня – Дубай [Bulgarian: Dubai]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: French

M. Pokora – Ouh na na [Oh nah nah]        Watch on YouTube

Arcadian – Petit à petit [Little by little]        Watch on YouTube

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