Duzentos e seis – Fica à vontade


[Brazilian Portuguese: Two hundred and six – Make yourself at home]

Michael and Liam have turned out some of the biggest tracks from around the world to entertain you.

And for the first time, there’s a queer Brazilian Portuguese babble2babble.

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Mark Zebra – S.O.S. [Slovenian]       Watch on YouTube

Kratae RSiam – สาวดอยคอยปี้ [Thai]       Watch on YouTube

Darshan Raval – Dil Mera Blast [Hindi: My heart explodes]       Watch on YouTube

ADDA – Te-As Iubi [Romanian: I would love you]       Watch on YouTube

Ieva Narkutė – Šviesos [Lithuanian: Light]       Watch on YouTube


СолоХа – Корчма [Ukrainian: Tavern]       Watch on YouTube

Kurt Darren – Klein Saterdag [Afrikaans: Small Saturday]       Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Brazilian Portuguese

Urias – Diaba [LGBTI – Hell]       Watch on YouTube

Gloria Groove ft IZA – YoYo [LGBTI]       Watch on YouTube

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