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[Polish: Two hundred and eighteen – Honest]

Michael and Liam both like the B. You will too, with this line up of bangers, ballads and bops.

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Lista odtwarzania

Jaz Dhami – Bomb Bae (Tiësto Remix) [Punjabi]       Watch on YouTube

G.E.M. – Full Stop [Mandarin]       Watch on YouTube

Klockrent! ft Axel Schylström – Hon Kommer Aldrig Vara Dig [Swedish: She will never be you]

Aminata – Pamet Mani [Latvian: Leave Me]       Watch on YouTube

BRAND NEW MUSIC – MELTING [Korean]       Watch on YouTube

Iveta Mukuchyan – Իմ Անուշ Հայաստան [Armenian: My Sweet Armenia]       Watch on YouTube

Hera Björk – Je ne sais quoi [French: I don’t know what]

Mariana BO x MR.BLACK x Futuristic Polar Bears – Gypsy [Spanish]       Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Polish

Cleo – Dom [Home]       Watch on YouTube

Paula Biskup – Bez Pośpiechu [No rush]

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