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[Disney: 235 – Our favourites in languages other than English]

A couple of weeks ago, Io mentioned High School Musical… and from there we decided that a Disney special was in order. Plus, the release of the live action version of Mulan needed a little bit of celebration.

Michael, Liam and Io share some of their favourite Disney classics in languages other than English. Don’t be scared to try to sing along!

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Aladdin: Richard Darbois – Prince Ali [French]      Watch on YouTube

Moana: Jaedyn Randell – Tukuna Au [Maori: How Far I’ll Go]      Watch on YouTube

Hercules: Evridiki – Den Tha To Po [Greek: I Won’t Tell (I Won’t Say I’m in Love)]

Mulan: Marianna Cataldi – Riflesso [Italian: Reflection]      Watch on YouTube

Beauty and the Beast (2017): Jung-Yeol Lee, Su-Wha Ryu, Young-Zoo Jeong and Jae-Ho Lee – Be Our Guest [Korean]      Watch on YouTube

High School Musical: Hania Stach & Andrzej Lampert – Masz W Sobie Wiar [Polish: You Have Faith Inside You (Breaking Free)] 

Pocahontas: Vanessa Williams – Colres En El Viento [Spanish: Colours of the Wind]

Frozen: Marsha Milan – Bebaskan [Malay: Set it free (Let It Go)]      Watch on YouTube

The Little Mermaid: Ron Williams – Unten im Meer [German: Under the Sea]      Watch on YouTube

High School Musical 2: Сергей Лазарев – Верю я [Russian: I believe (Bet On It)]      Watch on YouTube

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