Hai trăm ba mươi tám – Vô hình trung

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[Vietnamese: Two hundred and thirty-eight – Without realising]

The sun’s starting to set in the northern hemisphere, but we’re only getting started in Australia. Michael, Liam and Io have found some of the hottest pop and dance in languages other than English for your listening pleasure.

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Danh sách phát

Naam – Gun Tsenher [Mongolian]        Watch on YouTube

Ilinca & Cleopatra Stratan – Vara Asta (Pe Tik Tok) [Romanian: This Summer (on TikTok)]         Watch on YouTube

Sieneke – Eenzaam En Alleen [Dutch: Lonely and alone]        Watch on YouTube

Maraaya ft Luciano Plazibat – Obujem nove čevlje [Slovenian: I’m putting on new shoes]        Watch on YouTube

Зулайхо Махмадшоева – Чик-Чик [Tajik Persian: Chick-Chick]        Watch on YouTube

Maluma – Hawái [Spanish: Hawaii]        Watch on YouTube

Carola & Zara Larsson – Säg mig var du står [Swedish: Tell me where you are]        Watch on YouTube

Engjëllusha Salihu – Vëllau xheloz [Albanian: Jealous brother]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Vietnamese

Sơn Tùng M-TP – CÓ CHẮC YÊU LÀ ĐÂY [This is surely love]        Watch on YouTube

Chi Pu – Mơ Anh [Dream Brother]        Watch on YouTube

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