Двеста четиридесет и две – Още Петко нероден, а шапката му шият

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[Bulgarian: Two hundred and forty-two – Slow down]

Grab your leg warmers and the Casio as the 80s make a comeback on tonight’s show.

Michael, Liam and Io are feeling the synthy love thanks to a few of the tracks in this week’s line up. Hopefully you feel the love too!

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Markus Riva ft Samanta Tīna – Man Nesanāk [Latvian: I can’t get it]      Watch on YouTube

LYRA – LYRA [Thai]      Watch on YouTube

Janice Mangion – Sajjetta Fil-Bnazzi [Maltese: Lightning in Bnazzi]      Watch on YouTube

Mohamed Hamaki – هو ده حبيبي [Arabic: This is my love]      Watch on YouTube

Uku Suviste – Torman Tulle [Estonian: Run into the fire]      Watch on YouTube

Oscar Zia 🏳️‍🌈 – Vill ha dig nu [Swedish: I want you now]      Watch on YouTube

LOONA – Why Not? [Korean]      Watch on YouTube

Mia Dimšić – Sretan put [Croatian: Have a nice trip]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Bulgarian

Галин x Маджуна x Адам – За Всички Бивши [For all former]      Watch on YouTube

Danna – Той [He]      Watch on YouTube

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