Dwieście czterdzieści trzy – Mówić prosto z mostu

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[Polish: Two hundred and forty-three – Honestly]

Michael and Io have lined up some not-so-scary tracks to brighten your day.

The 80s throwbacks have stayed, but two of our favourite Swedes haven’t. We’re both happy and sad at the same time!

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Lista odtwarzania

TWICE – I CAN’T STOP ME [Korean]      Watch on YouTube

Sheker – Жаша [Kyrgyz: Live]      Watch on YouTube

Fıratcan – Hepsi Senin mi? [Turkish: Is it all yours?]      Watch on YouTube

Shashi, DJ Khushi, Nikhita Gandhi & Madhubanti – Burjkhalifa [Hindi]      Watch on YouTube

Roccuzzo – Ricominciamo da qui [Italian: Let’s start from here]      Watch on YouTube

TAYANNA – Ейфорія [Ukrainian: Euphoria]      Watch on YouTube

Samir & Viktor 🏳️‍🌈 – Arbetslös [Swedish: Unemployed]      Watch on YouTube

Nine One One – LOCAL [Mandarin]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Polish / Disco Polo

Dziku – Zabawa u sąsiada [Fun at the neighbour’s]      Watch on YouTube

Top Girls – To Skomplikowane [It’s complicated]      Watch on YouTube

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