Iki yüz altmış altı – Etekleri zil çalıyor

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[Turkish: Two hundred and sixty-six – We’re very excited]

Get excited for ten amazing songs in languages that aren’t English.

Michael and Io are certainly pumped, especially with a song in a debut babble language, a rework in Maori and a duo to end the Turkish drought.

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Çalma Listesi

Lee Eun Sang – Lemonade [Korean]        Watch on YouTube

Ruchika Jangid & Arvind Jangid – Kaaliya [Haryanvi]        Watch on YouTube

Bassi Maraj 🏳️‍🌈 – PRIDE [Icelandic]        Watch on YouTube

IOWA & Ёлка – Яблоко [Russian: Apple]        Watch on YouTube

Vivian Koo – Stubborn [Mandarin]        Watch on YouTube

Lorde – Te Ao Mārama (Solar Power) [te reo Māori: The world of light]        Watch on YouTube

Selena Gomez & Camilo – 999 [Spanish]        Watch on YouTube

Arilena Ara & Dafina Zeqiri – Thirr Policine [Albanian: Call the Police]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Turkish

Nur Cennet – Yalanmış [Licked]        Watch on YouTube

Zerrin Özer – Ben Hep Buralardayım [I’m Always Here]        Watch on YouTube