[Korean: Two hundred and eighty-two – It’s too expensive]

The babble is back for season 9 and the party’s only just beginning.

Michael and Io line up some brand-new tracks to get your night going.

No amount of money can get you some Aussie love, Italian faves and a bit of K-pop going back to back, all wrapped up in a babble bow.

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재생 목록

Ozoda – Esla Meni [Uzbek: Remember Me]      Watch on YouTube

Vesala – Uu mama [Finnish: Ooh Mama]      Watch on YouTube

Fedez, Tananai & Mara Sattei – LA DOLCE VITA [Italian: The beautiful life]      Watch on YouTube

FOUX & Seryoja – Эрмэгтэй (Ermegtei) [Mongolian: Men]      Watch on YouTube

Andrew Gurruwiwi Band 🇦🇺 – Gatjumak [Yolngu Matha: Go for it!]      Watch on YouTube

Alvaro Soler & Topic – Solo Para Ti [Spanish: Just For You]      Watch on YouTube

Goga Sekulić – Anamneza [Serbian: History]      Watch on YouTube

Michelle – Scheißkerl [German: Bastard]      Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Korean

GOT7 – NANANA      Watch on YouTube

WJSN – Aura      Watch on YouTube