[Italian: Two hundred and eighty-four – Speak up]

The whole team is back in the studio for a rip snorter of a show.

We go back to the mid-2000s, welcome back a Filipino princess and fire up the hook up apps for an hour of fun.

Michael, Liam and Io have exactly what you need for a Saturday night party.

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Elenco di riproduzione

ATOMIK HARMONIK – Baloni [Slovenian: Balloons]        Watch on YouTube

MARA – X’Jimpurtani [Maltese: What do I care]        Watch on YouTube

Mosimann – Comment te dire adieu [French: How to say goodbye to you]        Watch on YouTube

Zephanie – Tunay Na Minamahal [Tagalog: Truly Beloved]        Watch on YouTube

STEFAN – Miraaž [Estonian: Mirage]        Watch on YouTube

Kelly Key – Sou a Barbie Girl (Barbie Girl) [#babbleCLASSIC – 2005 – Portuguese: I’m a Barbie Girl]        Watch on YouTube

Antti Tuisku ft BESS – GRINDR MAYHEM [Finnish]        Watch on YouTube

Miss Li – X [Swedish]        Watch on YouTube

babble2babble: Italian

Eros Ramazzotti – AMA [LOVE]        Watch on YouTube

La Rappresentante di Lista 🏳️‍🌈 – Diva        Watch on YouTube