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It’s not even the middle of the summer season and already we are melting; not that high temperatures or flooding rains are unseasonal – or never happened before. We relate experiences of weather events, old and new, near and far. Some like it hot, but is it man-made climate change or just normal natural fluctuations?

We encourage you to attend midsumma Carnival Day next Sunday 14 January and share in the fun of the ’most fabulous queer-day-out’, in the friendly and safe space, Alexandra Gardens.

Award-winning Australian gay Orry-Kelly – born 31/12/1987, died 27/2/1964 – dressed most of the stars during the glamour years of Hollywood cinema. See main photo of Jack Lemon & Tony Curtis dressed as ‘female flappers’ in the retro film “Some like it Hot”.
We tell of the life of gay US cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead (16/12/2901-15/11/1978) who, all her other works, examined the social behaviours of South Seas Islanders and presented some controversial conclusions in her book ‘Coming of Age in Samoa’ (see photo).
We relate about the life and works of living US author, Edmund White (born 13/1/1940), novelist, memoirist and essayist on literary and social topics, including ‘The Joys of Gay Sex’.

Paul Herman Müller (born 12/1/1899) discovered that DDT was a potent insecticide. We now have to live with the residue of this deadly chemical, which was used to control natural ‘pests’, increase agricultural productivity, and worse – led to birth defects in humans. Be grateful that there are stronger testing regimes for most recent chemicals, sprays and other products.

Listen to these stories and more, with some merriment – presented by Chris, Gordon & Phil.

First broadcast on 9 January 2018


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