While Gordon is on the high seas, we welcome Will to the program for 2 shows, and he will share his knowledge with us.

At this sad time, we offer our sympathies and concern for those innocents in the recent dramatic events in Christchurch NZ. We can’t help noticing the increasing frequency of natural and man-made events where there are a great losses of lives, and we hope that this is not the ‘new normal’ for our world.

In our anniversaries, we mention the birthday of gay Jim Parsons on 24/3/1973 – the star of the TV Show Big Bang Theory, where he plays a socially-inept nerdish character sharing lives with others members of his TV social circle. In his private life, Parsons is proudly married to his male partner.

Gay writer Arthur C Clarke was born on 16/12/1917 and died on 19/03/2008.  He was a science-fiction writer and futurist; and the author of 2001: a Space Odyssey. Many of his predictions in the film have since come to pass – like iPads, geo-sync satellites, home computers, Skype, email and even smart watches. Fantasy comes to life.

Will entertains us with tales from air-side – he works as an aircraft engineer with a major airline and we learn about the recent dramas with Boeing’s new B737 MAX 8 aircraft which have some handling issues (!).

Will also treats us to little-known aspects of what happens out of sight before every flight, why we mustn’t use our smart phones in flight, and how the flight recorder ‘black boxes’ work and survive in a crash.                  Will also debunks various theories about the missing B777 / MH 9M-MRO / MH370 – see picture. Disappeared but crash site never found.

Listen to these stories, opinions and more – presented with some merriment (where appropriate) by Phil, Will and Chris.

Show #848                  First broadcast on 19 March 2019