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bek featured the fifth studio album from the shins this morning, heartworms, by playing a track each hour and giving you a chance to see if it’s something you need for your collection.

bek also played some favourites from 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009 as she takes a trip down memory lane over the last 4 weeks in the lead up to her long service leave.

if you missed any of the tracks, check them out in the playlist below.  aussies & kiwis in bold

— hour 1 —

run up – major lazer

crushing hard – urthboy

ego – milky chance

big picture – london grammar

helium – sia

jungle tash sultana

dead alive – the shins

fire that burns – circa waves

come back to me – montaigne

here it goes again – okgo

standing in the way of control – the gossip

— hour 2 —

selfish – the kite string tangle

rolling dice – just a gent

i don’t mind – fractures

sew my name – josh pyke

never start – middle kids

name for you – the shins

‘atlas in your eye – dustin tebbutt

let’s dance to joy division – the wombats

not afraid anymore – halsey

jungle drum – emiliana torrini

ghosts – laura marling

— hour 3 —

the best part of me is you – busby marou

john, she was never only dancing – fergus brown

the waitress song – seth sentry

heartworms – the shins

green light – lorde





About the author: Rebecca


bek has been volunteering with JOY since early 2002 in operational and broadcast roles. Her long running Saturday morning breakfast program celebrated 10 years on-air at the end of August 2013. bek loves celebrating local music and brings diversity to the JOY airwaves through her music selections and myriad of co-hosts.


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