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Ben and Gabe got together via the depths of the deep dark web, ready and willing to express their deepest and darkest fears. Their biggest fears being the internet connection isn’t strong enough and they still have enough alcohol left in the fridge.

As the namesake suggests Ben and Gabe are now without the typical constraints of a normal radio show, with all but a few loose ideas remaining. The result is a one hour chat and hopefully some fun grabs to share.

  • This week you’ll hear about the things you might do to prepare for another lockdown.
  • Why Ben doesn’t know how to play frisby.
  • Gabe was once a Michael Jackson fan.
  • The rights and mostly wrongs of the Guess Who game
  • And a gogglebox inspired moment set to the premiere Kylie Minogue’s latest video Say Something.

Warning this podcast contains adult themes and course language. 


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