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Four fine contemporary musicians sitting around the kitchen table playing with Lego is not the image one has of a Jazz quartet, but that is what Niko Schauble and his Quattro Club did when they were preparing their first work.  Building with Lego represents the musical building that takes place in the quartet, linking different textures and colors to create their final creation – music that crosses the borders between contemporary composition concepts and jazz improvisation.

An Improvising Chamber Music Ensemble, Quattro Club has no chordal instrument, instead working with Drums (Nike Schauble), Saxes (Mirko Guerrini), Woodwinds (Joel Hands-Otte) and Tuba (Dan Gordon).

Hear in this JOYcast what Niko had to say about improvising, the ability to appreciate music ‘LIVE’, and the challenges of putting together a new ensemble with ‘listening’ musicians.

Quattro Club performed at this years Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues.

Niko Schauble was guest of Bent Notes on Sunday October 7, 2018

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