Michelle Nicolle and Ronny Ferella visited the Bent Notes Studio at JOY 94.9 to chat about the Socialist Jazz Club, Jazzing-up Bach, Juggernauts! and a whole lot more.

Ronny talks about the love of working out what famous drummers were doing when he was younger, his Small Space Music website (it’s a dot com!) – and Reg Lindsay! (for those that are old enough to remember Reg)

Michelle talks about the ability to throw a Jazz-eye across any musical form, including Bach.

And they both chat about the new weekly Friday night Socialist Jazz Club at the Cross Street Hall in East Brunswick, kicking off on Friday May 14 with the Michelle Nicolle Quartet and the Improv Mill led by Nick Haywood.

Michelle Nicolle and Ronny Ferella were guests of Bent Notes on Sunday May 2, 2021
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