Why leave a Forever JOY gift in your Will?

What better gift can we give future generations of the same sex attracted community than a voice that aims to break down isolation and celebrates our achievements.

The need to provide a voice for Australia’s diverse lesbian gay bi-sexual transgender & intersex communities is as important as ever as we face the challenge of legislation that actively discriminates against same sex attracted individuals.

Your bequest will provide ongoing funding for JOY 94.9 to create a vibrant station that serves our community for future generations.

How your Forever JOY bequest makes a difference:

Your bequest to JOY 94.9 will contribute to the development of the station ensuring we can always offer a range of on air programs and training initiatives. Below are just two examples of initiatives that can benefit from bequests:

Youth Training Programs

JOY past successful partnership with the Foundation for Young Australian’s established the basis of a broadcast training program for same sex attracted youth. Bequest funding will allow this successful project to become an integral part of the stations activities.

On Air Program Content

Bequest funding will allow us always to continue and expand our free Community Service Announcements for organisations that support our community and help provide the resources required to continue to broadcast community specific focus weeks.

Forever JOY – Bequest wording

Please pass the following wording onto your solicitor to assist you in preparing your Will:

“I bequeath to JOY Melbourne Inc ABN 52 334 960 331 the purpose of providing a voice for the diverse GLBTIQ community (a specified sum), or (specified items), or (the residue of my estate) free of all duties, and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the executor(s).”

Forever JOY – our thanks to you

As our way of saying thank you for your generosity, we would be pleased to invite you to join our Forever JOY bequest group. As a member you will receive special invitations to our Forever JOY events and receive regular information to keep you informed about the progress of the station.

To recognise the generosity of your gift long into the future, you will also be invited to join our Forever JOY Honour Roll. Membership carries no obligations.