2021: The Bridge: A National Strategy to Prevent LGBTI+ Elder Abuse

Neon Nights

Welcome to the 2021 Better Together Conference Podcast. Recorded live at the Adelaide Convention Centre on the 18th and 19th of June, 2021. These sessions were proudly recorded and produced by JOY 94.9.  

Older LGBTI people experience Elder Abuse in unique ways with devastating impacts on mental wellbeing. Yet these issues are often missing from Elder Abuse strategies. This session outlines The Bridge, an innovation to prevent LGBTI Elder Abuse by linking older LGBTI people to Elder Abuse services and supportive LGBTIQ communities.

Speakers: Lisette Claremont-Goulet (Co-Founder, TLLPC), Mallory Rolfe, Gail (Ellis) Glaremont-Goulet (Co-Founder TLLPC) 

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