Annual General Meeting 2013


JOY Melbourne Inc. annual general meeting was held Sunday, October 27 2013 2pm at 225 Bourke Street Melbourne.

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Election of new Board Members

JOY Board of Directors

Christian Vega, Shannon Gillies, Sammy Cameron, Trish Kerin, Jed Gilbert, Laurie Cato-Smith, Geoffrey Devine, Cassie Chadwick and Melinda Rich

Joining the existing directors Geoffrey DEVINE, Jed GILBERT, and Laurie CATO-SMITH are six newly-elected directors:

  • Sammy CAMERON
  • Cassie CHADWICK
  • Shannon GILLIES
  • Trish KERIN
  • Melinda RICH
  • Christian VEGA

Thank you to the retiring board members:

David McCARTHY  /  Kyle MINALL  /  Luke MOON  /  Anthony VITALE

JOY Board – Terms of Office

The current board of directors and their current term of office is as follows, with new board members indicated by *:

Board member Term in years Term expires
Christian VEGA * 3 2016
Sammy CAMERON * 3 2016
Trish KERIN * 3 2016
Cassie CHADWICK * 2 2015
Geoffrey DEVINE 2 2015
Laurie CATO-SMITH 2 2015
Jed GILBERT 1 2014
Melinda RICH * 1 2014
Shannon GILLIES * 1 2014

JOY Board – Office Bearers

At the first meeting of the new JOY board held following the close of the AGM at 4pm, the executive office bearers elected are:

  • President:  Jed GILBERT
  • Vice-President:  Trish KERIN
  • Secretary:  Sammy CAMERON
  • Chair of Finance & Audit Committee:  Laurie CATO-SMITH

Sub-committees – Chairperson

The sub-committee chairpersons elected are:

  • Chair of Membership Committee:  Christian VEGA
  • Chair of Patrons’ Committee:  Jed GILBERT
  • Chair of Performance Committee:  Trish KERIN
  • Chair of Programming Committee:  Geoffrey DEVINE
  • Chair of Risk Committee:  Melinda RICH

Life Memberships

The JOY Board is pleased to award the following members honorary life membership:

Richard Walters & Dennis Muir

Dennis and Dick

Richard Walters, David ‘Macca’ McCarthy and Dennis Muir

Dennis and Richard have willingly volunteered their efforts for JOY 94.9 and the rainbow community on a consistent basis for the past 11 years. They were also among the first group of volunteers at the VAC when it was formed in 1983 as a central part of the Victorian community response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  At JOY, both Richard and Dennis have committed their volunteering efforts to both on-air and off-air activities at the station. They always behave in an inclusive and positive manner with all passers-by, stall visitors, fundraiser punters and fellow volunteers. Their commitment has been endless to JOY fundraising events, as well as to JOY’s efforts in community engagement. They contribute to JOY in a number of areas:

Dennis – originally in the Office Admin support team and a Trainer for 6 years, Dennis has been one of two JOY Prize Coordinators for 4 years, contributing to the administration and coordination of over $80k in member incentives each year.

Richard – is the JOY Music Librarian, with a flare to seek out rare, unusual, queer and other special interest music for programs and presenters across the JOY grid.  Richard is in the Office Admin support team and a Trainer, and has been for 10 years, he has now become a disability support person for the office admin team. With Richard’s help, a new volunteer now has support and access to the station on a monthly basis.

Together they have a long standing electro-pop music program of their own, A Touch of Pink on Saturday evening at 7pm which showcases on average 15% GLBTIQ artists. Dennis & Richard started on-air in 2003 with a program called Wallpaper For The Soul.

The commitment and contribution from both Dennis and Richard can be directly translated into numerous benefits for JOY, including:

  • training of hundreds of volunteers
  • encouraging a positive environment for volunteerism and volunteers, creating an inclusive atmosphere at the station
  • on-air together as a couple is a wonderful representation of a loving long-lasting relationship for our community
  • maintaining corporate relationships with regards to prizes and music
  • JOY listeners have access to a range of GLBTIQ music
  • A Touch of Pink will celebrate 10 years on-air in 2014, contributing to a stable grid, as broadcasters they are a voice for the senior community (a very cool, young / senior voice)

Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcast Excellence

The 2013 Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcast Excellence was awarded to:


David 'Macca' McCarthy and Dean Beck

David ‘Macca’ McCarthy and Dean Beck

Dean’s introduction to JOY was through Addam Stobbs, so it is fitting after four years on-air, that he is now the recipient of this award. As a broadcaster, he is passionate, enthusiastic, interested and informed. Each of his programs has community interests at the core, no matter the topic. He is a highly versatile presenter across a range of genres.

Besides creating engaging radio, he also goes beyond the broadcasting side to connect and empower the community through his roles as an ENUF ambassador and MC / speaker at various community events. He ensures all of his programs are thoroughly researched and informative, with the tone of his efforts always positive, inclusive and challenging when needed. Dean Beck can be heard every week on JOY 94.9 on Word for Word and On The Line.

Anne Hamilton Award for Volunteering Excellence

This Award is to celebrate and recognise volunteering excellence. The inaugural Anne Hamilton Award was presented 27th October 2013 at the annual general meeting. Anne Hamilton is a life member of JOY and the Award is instituted in her name to acknowledge Anne’s embodiment of the JOY mission and values over many years, her passion for community volunteering, integrity, work ethic, the quality of her work, her enormous contribution to the organisation and the excellent example set for us all in selfless volunteering excellence.

Recipients of the Anne Hamilton Award for Volunteering Excellence are:


bek savic

bek savic and Anne Hamilton

bek savic and Anne Hamilton

Volunteering for the Radiothon Special Projects Coordinator role for 2013, bek excelled in this role alongside maintaining her regular long term commitments to JOY. She did an outstanding job, both from an admin and coordination perspective, and from a people management point of view. She was meticulous with processing, ensuring that art work was accurate for print media, T-shirt design was awesome, and people were well trained and comfortable with telephone requirements and on-air promotions.

bek made an extra effort to put to work external volunteers in newly formed roles that benefited our organisation, ensuring that we both grew as an operation, that volunteers were properly engaged for their level of expertise. The Radiothon-Volunteer Thank You Party at The Eureka and the Wrap Up party, both organised by bek, were wonderful events and successes because of her ability to plan well, problem solve and follow through independently, as well as work within a team. She worked tirelessly and proved again her undying commitment to JOY 94.9.

Avi Miller

Avi Miller

Avi Miller

Avi essentially single-handedly redeveloped the JOY website, from re-design, data transfer and implementation through to on-going maintenance and content updates. Avi provided countless hours of volunteer time, with the commercial estimate of this time valued at well over $10,000. Since the new JOY website was launched in March 2013, it has enabled JOY to reach a broader audience. Another major benefit saw hosting of JOY podcasting brought in-house, so that delivery of JOY podcasts could continue and develop without relying on a third party service.

The implementation of the new website has also resulted in the diversification and up-skilling of our volunteer base, given that a greater number of potential volunteers now recognise they no longer ‘have to’ be on-air, and can support the community through other means.