/ Station Highlights / Season 1, January to March 2014


Check the program grid to see when your favourite program airs!

Resting programs

A massive thank you to the teams of the following programs that will be resting over Season 1:

  • JOY Chronicle
  • Les Link
  • People Unite
  • Q Country
  • Single Life
  • The Affair

Returning programs

We welcome the return of the Sci-Fi and Squeam team to their regular Tuesday evening slot, while Rob and Mossie return with Yesterday Once More to Sunday afternoons.

All Mixed Up will be returning to Saturday evenings at 9 pm, though not until 8 February.

Programs with new times

Watch out for the new times for the following programs:

New Programs

The Woods, 11 pm Monday, with Mark H.
To entertain, inform, uplift and celebrate the Bear community and their admirers and supporters.
Summer of JOY, midday Tuesday with James F.
The Summer of JOY Show will focus on JOY’s presence at community events over the years, playing out past interviews from Midsumma, Mardi Gras, Pride March, Chill Out, etc.
Absolutely Everybody, midday Wednesday with the Annecto crew
Annecto has a commitment to assisting people with dementia, intellectual disability and acquired brain injury, older people and their families and carers, and Absolutely Fabulous will be discussing these issues.
Babble POP!, 6 pm Saturday with Michael P.
Celebrating the diversity of our communities with music in languages from all over the world, in particular popular music from Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as Australian Indigenous voices.
The Kitchen Table, 1 pm Sunday with Shannon G.
The Kitchen Table is a central social gathering point for friends and family, and over a cup of tea and scones we will be interviewing and chatting with prominent people within and for our communities.

And at 8pm every Wednesday during Season 1 you will be able to catch up on highlights from World AIDS Day Worldwide.


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